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Master these Elements of Branding to Achieve Consistency in Your Business

“I’m lovin’ it.” “Just do it.” “Because you’re worth it.” – without even mentioning the names of these brands, you already know which brand these taglines belong to. That is the power of impactful, memorable branding. Of course, these big companies have spent millions on their marketing to achieve these kinds of results by playing their message over and over again through different channels, but if there’s one thing to take away from these giants, it’s that one of the keys to staying top of mind with your consumers is consistency.

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On-page SEO for Financial Advisors – Part 2: How to Use Keywords to Boost Rankings

If you’re just getting started in search engine optimization (SEO), you likely associate SEO with one thing: keywords. Researching and incorporating keywords into content and copy has long been an on-page SEO best practice though the strategies and emphasis on keywords have evolved over the years. In part one of our three-part series covering on-page SEO best practices for financial advisors, we talked about creating well-written, informative content. Now it’s time to learn how to optimize that content with keywords.

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