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Marketing for nonprofits

If you’re a nonprofit trying to get your message out into the world, we’d like help.

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Purpose-driven startups

We love working with businesses that, like our own, have a double bottom line. Let us know how we can help you get your business off the ground.

Our double bottom line

Peregrine Consulting Group is a team of marketing gurus and technology geeks who fill in the gaps and empower business owners to scale. As you look for a digital marketing and technology firm, we believe you should work with a firm that resonates with you philosophically.

We’re passionate about our clients, our colleagues and our communities. Once a week we pivot our content, design and development efforts to provide pro bono work for organizations working to better our local and global communities.

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Our Partners

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Artunity makes it easier for a beginning artist to start earning money for their work. It helps mid-level and established artists to generate even more money and move their work faster by leveraging their fanbase.

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At the Fill it Forward Company, we believe choosing to reuse is a simple act of generosity that shows love for our planet and the people on it. We create reusable products, interactive technologies and global giving initiatives that inspire the world to reuse.

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Be Good Juicerie

Be Good Juicerie uses only the finest, organically grown fruits and vegetables sourced from local farms. Because cold-pressing produces a concentration of juices, we pull out all the fiber, leaving behind only healthy ingredients.

If you go with regular juice you may find elsewhere, they may be using fruits and vegetables filled with pesticides and herbicides, so you’re literally drinking a chemical concoction filled with a harmful concoction. Do something good for your body — chose Be Good Juicerie.

Dream Chasers kids


Dream Chasers works with kids of all skill and ability levels to help them see that their dreams can be reached, that their passion can overcome fear, that with support they can overcome obstacles, and that their grit can overcome failure along the journey of life.

We want more kids to be passionate about their potential and to build their confidence so they are empowered to chase big dreams. This is a program focused on teaching boys and girls to see the importance of finding their passion, building the right team around them, and developing the grit to take on the obstacles in their path.

Lantern Rescue

Lantern Rescue is a US based nonprofit committed to rescuing the exploited, the persecuted, and the displaced throughout the world by training volunteers, advocating for victims, pursuing traffickers and educating and equipping communities.


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