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Which Digital Marketing Strategy Works Best for Investment Advisory Representation

Which Digital Marketing Strategy Works Best for Investment Advisory Representation
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Picture this. You’re browsing through Facebook and you find a sponsored post of a shirt that you absolutely must-have. You click on the post, and it directs you to a gorgeously designed website to purchase the item. After placing your order, you are asked to enter your email address. Seconds after checking out of the website, you receive an email confirming that your new shirt is on its way and gives suggestions on a jacket or a pair of pants that might go well with it. Hours later, while browsing other websites, you see a Google ad of the exact same shirt for a much lower price. These experiences and all the elements involved are part of the vast sea that we call “digital marketing”, and in this age where everyone is connected through the internet, it’s difficult to succeed as a business without at least one of these pieces in place.

But every industry is different. For example, the digital marketing strategies that work for a trendy restaurant may not be the same as the strategies that work for a large-sized retailer. Social media might be the main tool of choice for a restaurant, while the retailer may find more success in gaining customer loyalty through a mobile app. What are the most effective digital marketing tactics for independent financial advisors? In this PDF, we’ll break down the possibilities.

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