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10 Best Apps for Financial Advisors in 2022

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As a financial advisor, you only want to offer the best services for your client. You want to be efficient, organized, and productive at what you do. But how can you do that exactly? It’s by using tools such as mobile apps. 

What are the mobile apps you can use? In this post, you’ll get to learn about the best apps for financial advisors and what to look for in a mobile app. Also, do you know that you can have a custom app made specifically for you to suit your business needs? Read further to learn more. 


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What to Look for in an App

The advances in technology are now redefining the path for financial advisors to do their jobs with excellence. As a financial advisor, using tools within reach of your fingertips can help you serve your clients better.

However, there are many mobile apps for financial advisors out there. How can you filter out bad seeds from the apps that can help your client achieve their financial goals? Here are some features you should look for on a great app for financial advisors:

  • Affordable or minimum management fee
  • Helps you organize all your financial accounts
  • Helps you keep track of multiple accounts 
  • Helps you to easily communicate or reach out to clients
  • An app that helps you compute financial formulas
  • Social media management features
  • Money management apps (for a savings account and high yield checking account)
  • Helps in finding leads to be new and potential clients
  • Finance app that generates expense reports, daily account reconciliation
  • Business presentation tool
  • Stock monitoring
  • Calendar and appointment management

But the question is, can you find one app that mentions all the features above? It’s least likely. You’re most likely to end up downloading multiple apps. 

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Top 10 Apps for Finacial Advisors

So what are the top apps for financial advisors in the market today? Here are the top 10 apps for financial advisors categorized according to their features: 

App for Calendar and Appointment Settings: Google Calendar

Setting appointments may be time-consuming; that’s why as a financial advisor, you’ll need an app for calendar and appointment settings. Google Calendar can help you with that. Google Calendar can help you book appointments, follow up with an existing client, and gather important details from your clients. 


  • Easy to use
  • Can be customized
  • Easy to register
  • Reminders
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android


  • Straightforward features

Retirement Planner: Vanguard Retirement Nest Egg Calculator

This app lets retirees project their finances. The Vanguard Retirement Nest Egg Calculator is a comprehensive retirement app that breaks down the client’s finances, cash flow, income, taxes, debts, and assets. 

Furthermore, this app has artificial intelligence that projects possible scenarios like a job change, potential risks, or expenses in the future. Overall, it’s an excellent app for financial planning, especially for retirees. 


  • Ability to add a supplemental income
  • Reliable customer service
  • Helps in managing retirement and investment portfolio


  • Doesn’t include the separation of spousal accounts
  • Only allows basic data entry

App for Social Media Management: Hootsuite

Other financial advisors eschew new marketing tools, especially social media platforms. However, finding new leads through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a must these days. 

That’s why financial advisors need an app to manage multiple social media accounts. Hootsuite is the mobile app for that. It helps financial advisors post, schedule future posts, respond and interact with their multiple social media accounts with just one app. 


  • Managing multiple social media platforms
  • Generates helpful reports
  • Excellent analytics
  • Messaging management


  • Limited search query features
  • Pricing is not flexible for the premium version

App for Stock Monitoring: StockTwits

Financial life means getting updated with stock market news. With StockTwits, you can gain access to the latest stock market news, crypto news, trending topics regarding the stock market, and new investment opportunities. 


  • Ease of use
  • Great value for investors
  • Real-time information


  • Too much self-promotion
  • Unregulated forum

App for Lead Generation: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Improve your network and increase your sales using the Sales Navigator app. Many financial advisors use this app to create more leads, achieve sales goals, and reach their target market. The app helps financial advisors to target the right clients and companies with a personalized touch. 


  • Available in seven languages
  • Available in iOS and Android
  • Reach out and connect to potential leads
  • InMails, messages, notes, and call features


  • No free trial 
  • The database only includes people with Linkedin profiles
  • No activity dashboard

Learn more about what to look for in a lead generation software with our primer.

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App for Content Management Software: Expensify

Content management means having control over updating, changing, or editing any content on a website. Financial advisors need to get organized and productive, and using the Expensify app for content management helps with that.

In addition, it is a personal finance app that allows end-users to take photos of receipts and store them. Over the years, Expensify has added more functionality like credit card reconciliation, company card management, and time tracking. 


  • Manage expenses and reimbursements
  • Uploading receipts
  • Can create expense reports
  • Organized personal finances
  • Pulls data directly from credit card statements


  • Opinions expressed regarding the poor integration services
  • Needs improvement on the receipts sorting system
  • Lacks reporting tools

App for CRM and Sales Software: ActiveCampaign 

Review emails, track client activity, and manage overall customer relationship management with the ActiveCampaign mobile app. Spend more time doing more important tasks and let ActiveCampaign do the rest of customer management for you. 


  • Email deliverability reporting
  • Email and text automation
  • Free Trial
  • Delivers monthly newsletters
  • Automation split testing 


  • Slow mainframe
  • Lacks auto-fill functionality

App for Email Marketing and Management: Mailchimp

Compose and send emails to your clients anytime and anywhere with the email management mobile app, Mailchimp. The app offers cross-device compatibility that allows you to start an email campaign on your phone and save the progress to your Mailchimp account. 


  • Mobile optimization
  • Email deliverability reporting
  • Visually very appealing
  • Easy to use drag & drop editor


  • Reporting and Analytics
  • A/B-testing is limited

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App for Business Presentations: Google Slides

Financial advisors need to present to their clients all the time. So if you’re looking for an app for your business presentations and seminars for financial advisors, Google Slides does its job really well. 

The app is the best-used presentation tool for tablets and iPads, but it’s downloadable on Apple and Android phones. You can even upload documents and write on the document by simply using your finger. 


  • Editing on the go
  • Easy presentation
  • Can upload documents


  • Standard professional settings
  • Limited capabilities

App for Cloudbased Storage System: Dropbox

There are many other apps out there for cloud storage, but you want all files secure and safe. Many financial advisors use Dropbox for cloud storage. The transfer and storage systems of Dropbox constantly improve their security and accessibility. 

This is important because documents of your client’s financial situation or investment account are stored there. Dropbox is a reliable cloud storage system for financial advisors. 


  • You can save money with a free trial
  • Ease of use
  • Can backup files
  • Offline capabilities
  • Collaboration


  • Limited storage for the free trial
  • Costly premium version
  • Lacks search functionality


financial planner checking reports via applications


Why Having a Custom App is Good for You

Now that you’re aware of the top apps for financial advisors, what have you realized? There are too many apps for different functions. What’s the solution? A custom mobile app specifically designed for financial advisors to meet your dynamic business needs. 

A custom-built mobile app can positively impact your business. That’s where Peregrine Consulting Group can help you. Before anything else, you should know the benefits of having a custom-tailored app for financial advisors. 

The Benefits of Having an App Custom Made for Financial Advisors

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Custom mobile apps facilitate efficiency and productivity, especially in workforce collaboration. With one app, you can request multiple functionalities and allow cross-team accessibility. 

More Revenue and Sales

With a custom-made mobile app, you can request features to increase your revenue and sales. You can request a mobile app that integrates with different social media platforms to properly manage posts and client messaging. 

Broader Scope of Scale — Management of Bank Accounts, Personal Capital, and Investment Accounts

As a financial advisor, you need an app that’s specifically tailored to your business. That’s what’s great about a custom-made app. You can request a single app that has a broader scope of scale. One app for the management of bank accounts, personal accounts, and investment accounts is a great help for a financial advisor. 

Safety & Security

Unlike other generic apps out there, you can request better safety and security for your mobile app. A custom-tailored app has a different level of security as compared to the generic apps out there. In your line of work, you know that the safety and security of all your transactions are a top priority. 

Get Your Custom App Now With Peregrine Consulting Group!

Mobile apps have allowed financial advisors to be better at their jobs. Help your clients build wealth and have a mobile app specifically tailored for you. Let Peregrine Consulting Group help you. 

We turn your business vision into reality by creating a top-notch mobile app for you, your employees, and of course, your clients. Other than app development services, we can also help you build a strong digital presence through our other services. 

We offer Content Management Systems through SEO strategizing and CMS platforms. We also offer email management systems, customer relationship management, and cloud-based solutions.

Grow your network and let us do the work with a reasonably priced management fee. Contact us now and let us know your business needs. 

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